IT And Computer Science

Studying IT and Computer Science

IT and computer science are concerned with designing of computers and networks, software packages and storing and processing information.Computers are used for a variety of purposes in a number of different settings. For this reason, IT and computer science can be divided into sub-disciplines like software engineering, computer networks and information systems among others.

A degree in IT and Computer Science from UK can you put ahead of the rest. The UK is at the forefront of business and management teaching, learning and research. There are about 110 universities offering study programmes in computer science and IT disciplines.

At the undergraduate level, you will get a general overview of computer science and IT, although there are options to specialise in an area that interests you. Some universities even offer specialised degrees right at the undergraduate level.

At the postgraduate level, you could choose to specialise in any of the sub-disciplines of computer science and IT or pursue a broad degree. Some of the most popular and in-demand specialisations are artificial intelligence, data science and analytics and computer games, animation and graphics.

Both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, students have an option to undertake paid work placements spanning anywhere between a few weeks to one full year.

Salary and Career Prospects

Upon graduation, you could be working as software engineer, data analyst, application developer, IT consultant, web developer or database administrator.

IT and computer science professionals are needed by virtually every company in every sector. They find employment in traditional IT and tech companies (Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google) and IT functions of accountancy and professional services consultancies (EY, KPMG), engineering (Airbus, Volkswagen), retail and hospitality companies and government.

Average salary for recent graduates is around £25,000 (22 lakhs INRapprox). With experience, this can rise to upwards of £50,000 (45 lakhs INR approx).

Why Study in the UK?

UK is a world-renowned seat of learning, teaching and research with 3 universities in top 10 and 7 in top 50 in THE World Rankings 2018. The UK has a rich heritage of excelling in computer science. In fact, the world’s first digital computer was invented in the UK during the Second World War to decipher secret messages exchanged by German troops.

UK is home to many of the world’s most leading technology companies. These include the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, Apple and Intel.

It is possible for students to remain in the UK after finishing their studies provided they meet and fulfil the requirements.