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  • Jency James,

    Jency James
    As I finished my graduation, I knew I wanted to continue my studies at a reputed international university. So, here I began my search for the right university and a consultancy that could help me through the process. I hoped in and out of many consultancies but my applications were not successful, after a span of one year, I realized I had wasted enough time. I was referred to Storm Group, Habsiguda through a friend who was studying overseas. As I approached them as a last resort, I knew I was at the right place as Storm is known for Australian universities and their success. The processing was done smoothly and I secured admission at Deakin University quickly. The team also processed my visa and all I had to do was pack my bags for the flight to Australia. After my success with Storm, I've referred my friends too. I guess after all word of mouth travels faster and so was my experience with Storm.
  • V Satish Reddy ,

    V Satish Reddy
    I’m really thankful to Storm Group, especially to Mr Bharath Reddy who helped me from the beginning of the process, helping me to choose the course, guiding me with the correct visa policies and my accommodation in Australia.
  • Sai Sharan Maturi ,

    Sai Sharan Maturi
    The way STORM deals with the students is remarkable. I had a very homely experience at Storm and I like to thank Mr Bharath Reddy from Tarnaka Branch who guided me with my entire process. Right now I am studying in New Zealand and I am really enjoying it all here.
  • Keyurgiri Rameshgiri Goswami,

    Keyurgiri Rameshgiri Goswami
    Thanks to the consistent and reliable assistance from STORM Gandhinagar branch, today I am studying at Latrobe University, Melbourne and I am really happy. The guidance on the course and career outcome from the counselors was excellent and fitted very well with my objectives
  • Div Bhagirath Muni,

    Div Bhagirath Muni
    I am studying Bachelor of Architecture at University of Western Australia and I like to thank STORM GANDHINAGAR branch. They took care of the application processing with great responsibility; regular update about the application status was informed through emails so I never had to follow up with the university. They have a whole team of experts and my visa was a cake walk
  • Priyanka Jessica Raj,

    Priyanka Jessica Raj
    I am absolutely delighted to share my personal experience with the Storm Group. From the time I entered the consultancy the first time its been quite a transitional experience for me, I remember entering the place the first time with a lot of apprehensions in my mind, but I must say that every fear and apprehension was converted into one of confidence. I am Priyanka Jessica Raj, and i have a gap in my studies due to which my dream of pursuing my education in Australia would have remained a dream if not for the help, guidance, support and prompt initiative of Mr. Bharath Reddy (the man behind my dream coming true), i visited nearly 15 consultancies in hyderabad and after telling them my background they denied helping me for Australia, in fact they had told me that i can never apply to Australia and I can only apply only for New Zealand. After listening to what the other consultancies had said I was literally devastated, getting to know about The Storm Group and Mr. Bharath Reddy was literally like god had led me to them. The first time I met Mr. Bharath immediately after listening to me, he took the initiative and assured me that he would do his best and he kept upto his word, even though he is such a busy person every single time I would call him for all the silly questions he would promptly answer my call, right from choosing the university and course I was guided by him. Because of the Storm Group I have gained admission into La trobe university, which would have remained a dream otherwise. After visiting a number of so called top consultancies I would say, Storm Group is the best any day, what I say is from my own experience right from filling out the application, offer acceptance, medicals, arranging financial documents and preparing for the visa interview everything was done by Storm. The unique thing about Storm is the network they have, the right connections whatever be the scenario they will make sure they do their best. I can't forget Mamatha, she has incredible patience she followed up everything ver
  • Karan Reddy Mahareddy,

    Karan Reddy Mahareddy
    I am really great full to Storm Group for guiding me to ATMC (Federation University, Australia) for the Master Of Information Technology. They have been very helpful right from day one and have done all the paperwork required in order to secure my admission to ATMC and my visa only in two days. I am really thankful to Shiva Sir in guiding in all admission and visa procedures. It was a very distinctive experience with Storm Group. I highly recommend anyone who wants to study abroad to come to Storm Group.
  • Arram Sudheer,

    Arram Sudheer
    It was an experience of a life time. The STORM staff were not only my guide, but also my mentor. Everything happened very smoothly and most of all in a timely manner.
  • M.Sri Vardhan,

    M.Sri Vardhan
    Thank you so much for all your support and assistance in providing me with such a great opportunity. My experience with STORM has been great, so much so that everything happened very smoothly and most of all in a timely manner. The Team was supporting us in selecting the right course and university Initially feared a lot in choosing the course and university but with the tremendous support and care I got successful. I would recommend any one to go to STORM for career advising and counselling. Thanks a lot. Once again I really appreciate your help.
  • Keerthy Patil,

    Keerthy Patil
    It has been a great journey from the time I started with Storm Consultancy to pursue my higher studies in Australia. They have guided me in the right path from the scratch till the end. I'm overwhelmed by the extraordinary support they have provided. I’d like to sincerely thank STORM for the effort that you have put in during the process of my visa application.
  • Prathima Thumma,

    Prathima Thumma
    It's my privilege to express my experience with storm and Mr Bharath Reddy I still remember the first day I came to Storm and talking to Mr Bharath Reddy, the same day i got confidence that he will process my visa successfully. After leasing to him I feel I have wasted so much time by visiting other consultancy's. Storm has always reacted very fast for small issues also and it has helped me in selecting good university and right course for my back round. It's always appreciable, the way they guide the students, facts they explain to students are true. I hope with out help of Storm I would not be able to be in Australia now. Am always thankful to Storm for guiding me in correct path.
  • Chenna Madhav Rahul Raju,

    Chenna Madhav Rahul Raju
    I've a very good experience with Storm Consultants. A very special thanks to Bharat Reddy . He is great mentor , helped me right from choosing the course till my visa is approved. Bharath had helped me in all possible aspects of the process with lot of patience. I strongly recommend storm to everyone.
  • Noorjahan Begum ,

    Noorjahan Begum
    Strom Tarnaka branch the best consultancy. Specially for students like me who don't know anything about over seas education process.One of my friend suggest this consultancy. I met Mr.Bharath there. "The best Mentor". He not only helped me to get my visa..he helped me in selecting the university, course subjects, fee..from getting a loan...and not to forget preparing for visa interview..I have also been to other consultancy but this is the right place to be if u want to study over seas..Bharath Reddy is very dedicated with his work..if he says he can do it..he wil do it.. Thankyou Bharath Reddy and Strom Consultancy...thankyou for ur guidance help and support..U people are the Best..Hope u b more successful in coming years.