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We help & guide students with the entire visa application formalities. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest visa documentation and rules.

A student visa is a grant of permission to enter any foreign country. International students planning to study abroad will have to apply for a student visa after they are admitted to college or university abroad. Please remember that your acceptance in an institution does not guarantee that you will be issued a student visa.

The procedures and requirements for applying to a student visa vary from country to country, and inevitably they are more complex and demanding in some countries than others. We guide students with all the valuable and detailed information on the application procedures for your country.

Some basic requirements for grant of student visa are:
There are several things students can do to increase their chances of a favorable visa decision:

Every country has various types of visa, for example USA has F1, J1 and M1 and Australia has seven types of student visa, you can choose from depending on your circumstances, course and regulation. Our experienced counselors will guide you with all aspects of visa application and procedures. Visa Guidance is FREE for all STORM students for all countries. Best of Luck

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